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Barcelona 10 Essential places you should visit

High spirits and vitality govern in abundance in Barcelona.

High spirits and vitality govern in abundance in Barcelona. This contagious capital of Catalonia, and the second largest city in Spain, emanates soul and energy, living life to the fullest. The verve of Barcelona is combined with its magnificent architecture, characterized by the signature of a man, Antonio Gaudi.

1. Las Ramblas

From Las Ramblas, from the promenade to Plaça Catalunya, the market stalls and street entertainment merge. Beware of mime artists, even if you have a hand in your wallet.

2. Church of the Holy Family

In progress since 1882, the Holy Family is perhaps the greatest achievement of Antonio Gaudí. Still unfinished, the ongoing construction of this Gothic masterpiece is financed through tourism.

3. Picasso Museum

Born in Malaga, Pablo Picasso moved to Barcelona during his adolescence. Although many of his best works are in private hands, it is worth visiting the Picasso Museum on Moncada Street.

4. House Museum Gaudi

A pink house, Alice in Wonderland is the scene of the Gaudí Museum. Gaudí lived in this surreal place between 1906 and 1926 with his niece. Exhibits in the museum include furniture, drawings and portraits designed by the great man himself.

5. The Spanish People

Completed in 1929, the ‘ Pueblo Español ‘ is a compilation of buildings representing the collective architectural characteristics of Spain. A celebration of all the Spanish, the town has become a meeting place for dinner and entertainment.

6. Bishop’s Palace

After being destroyed by fire, Bishop Juan Bautista Grau and Vallespinós commissioned Antonio Gaudí to design a new and more magnificent palace in 1887. After the Bishop’s death and the ensuing interference from the diocese, Gaudí left the project. It wasn’t inhabited until 1961.

7. Gothic Quarter

On the site of an ancient Roman town, the Gothic Quarter is a contrast of contemporary and medieval architecture, which incorporates the magnificent 14th-century cathedral.

8. Olympic Stadium

During 1992, the eyes of the world were centered in the Olympic Stadium of Barcelona, since they were the hosts of the Olympic Games. Today a popular athletics facility, the stadium was a redesigned version of the original built in 1929.

9. Paseo de Gracia

As one of the main shopping areas of Barcelona, Paseo de Gracia caters to the most modest, and also to those who prefer the most sophisticated boutiques. Bars and restaurants also line up on the public thoroughfare.

10. Sant Jordi

In the name of those looking for romance, Barcelona is committed to its own version of Valentine, known as the day of Sant Jordi, which is held every 23rd of April. Oportunity



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