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Brussels 10 essential places you should visit

Brussels is the cosmopolitan capital of bureaucracy, the center of European politics

Brussels is the cosmopolitan capital of bureaucracy, the centre of European politics, but when it is liberated from the fetters of bureaucracy, this compact capital of Belgium is a fascinating fusion of deep historical curiosity and contemporary life.

1. The Grand-Place

The central square of Brussels is the focal point of activity for both locals and tourists alike. The hectic markets are full of bargain seekers looking for souvenirs. Look for the city Hall (Hotel de Ville), a magnificent example of 15th century architecture.

2. Manneken Pis

This 17th century sacred bronze statue of the little boy peeing is a landmark in Brussels. Several legends exist in terms of the origins of this statue. One says that it represents a child who urinates on a burning load destined to fly the city walls when it is under the siege of a foreign army, thus saving the city from the invasion. Whatever the truth, he is undeniably cute and has more than 500 costumes, one for every occasion.

3. St. Nicholas ‘ Church

Built in the 11th century, this beautiful example of medieval architecture is the oldest church in Brussels. If you’re lucky, you can even take one of the occasional English services.

4. Royales Galeries Sint-Hubert

The oldest glass arcade in Europe was designed by JP Cluysenaer and built in 1847. It is home to fashion boutiques and cafes, was renovated and reopened in the year 2000. It is worth visiting the playroom to enjoy the magnificent architecture.

5. Belgian Chocolate

No visit to Brussels is complete without experiencing the world famous Belgian chocolate. It has its own quality and is the obvious choice for gifts to take home.

6. Avenue Louise

If you want a commercial solution then Avenue Louise is the place to be. Design stores offer a great opportunity to make your purchasing power more flexible. Popular shopping includes diamonds and antiques.

7. Waterzooi

This local Belgian specialty is a kind of fish stew and very popular with locals. Other tasty native dishes include mussels, waffles and sweetbreads.

8. Pistes de Lancement

If you are traveling with children, be sure to watch this clown fest during the month of March. The Saint-Gilles region is full of circus shows that entertain children and adults alike.

9. Flower Carpet

Throughout August, Grand ‘ Place is subdued by a sea of color while thousands of flowers are arranged in stunning designs.

10. Christmas Market

The festive period is a flurry of activity because of the sudden rise of traditional Christmas stalls. The effervescent screens keep you entertained among the purchases, as the jugglers and the musicians are presented among the festive purchasers. Oportunity



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