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Are you looking for a beach for your holiday? Here 10 tips

Are you tired of seeing your friends, family and co-workers go on vacation and come back a week later with a beautiful tan?

1. Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Copacabana Beach is one of the most beautiful in the world. The beach of Copacabana with a backdrop of the hills of Brazil, you will not only find yourself tanning here, but also enjoying the beautiful scenery. In addition to being an excellent spot for tanning and enjoying the scenery, Copacabana beach is rarely quiet. There is always something happening on this beach, whether tourists enjoy the summer sun during the day or the music and drink at night. Copacabana Beach offers everything to the tourist who is looking for a tan.

2. Waikiki Beach on the Hawaiian island of Oahu is an ideal place for swimmers to relax, enjoy the sun and watch the action around them. While seated in the sand, swimmers can watch experienced surfers surf the big waves that swell in the long two-mile beach. The Hawaiian beaches offer soft sand and a spectacular sun. After tanning during the day, stay to see the beautiful sunset at night.

3. If you are looking for a good tan during your trip to Europe make a stop in Greece. The island of Crete, on the southern coast of Greece, is surrounded by 160 kilometres of beach along its coast. Try the Rethimno area on the north coast of the island. The beach is beautiful but tends to be crowded as it is one of the most popular places on the island. If you are looking for a place to tan in solitude, try somewhere else, as there are many small and secluded beaches scattered around the island, where you are more than likely to take a couple of rays.

4. Baby Beach located on the coast of Aruba is a great place to sunbathe. The ocean along the edge of the beach remains very quiet and shallow so it is a great place to put a low beach chair during the day. If you prefer to get more tan than take a dip, you can extend your beach towel in the soft sand of Arabia that borders the shore of Baby Beach. How big is this beach? It is even a favorite among the locals, who make this one of the most visited beaches among the locals.

5. If you are looking for a great beach for sunbathing but are not sure to leave the United States, try Newpoprt Beach in southern California. Newport Beach is one of the most famous and visited beaches in California. When you arrive, be sure to pay attention to all the tanned bodies around you, proof that sunbathing on this beach will give you that tan tan you are looking for.

6. The worst of tanning, in addition to the unexpected burn, are the tanning lines that are inevitably taken when sunbathing. What is the best way to avoid tanning lines? Losing your bathing suit! Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida, offers swimmers the option to move their costumes in pursuit of all that. Located close to South Beach and downtown Miami, Haulover Beach is the best place for those looking for the perfect tan.

7. For the frequent flyer looking for a more exclusive place to tan, why not try the Sentosa Resort in Singapore? Sentosa offers its guests the option of three beaches; Palawan Beach, Siloo Beach and Tanjong Beach, which is probably the best choice for sunbathing. Tanjong Beach is frequented by those looking for a quiet day of solace and relaxation on the beach. The sun is shining, the water is fresh and the conditions are perfect for tanning.

8. For a beautiful tan in a beautiful place, be sure to visit St. John Island in the Virgin Islands. One of the only apparently Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, two-thirds of St. John is designated as a national park, preventing any development on Earth. There are a number of beaches in St. John from Cinnamon Bay to Hawksnest beach, but one thing is certain, whatever beach you choose on this island will be beautiful and excellent for tanning.

9. In the south of Mexico you will find miles and miles of beaches in Cancun. Cancun has a fourteen-mile peninsula that delves into the ocean and offers a favorite beach spot for vacationers. There are a number of picturesque beaches ideal for tanning in Cancun, but think of trying San Miguelito, which also houses a small historical Mayan ruin.

10. If you have a lot of money to spend on your holiday, consider visiting the beaches of St. Tropez in France. Several famous people make holiday stops in St. Tropez every year, pointing to the Phantom of this French getaway. The Plage Port Grimaud is definitely the place where you can see the lightning catch at St. Tropez as it is the most popular beach in the area. Oportunity



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